As the first test laboratory globally, CETECOM successfully validates audio test cases for 3GPP TS 26.132 / 26.131 for release 12 including VoLTE.

CETECOM just has validated the test cases for 3GPP TS 26.132 / 26.131 for the newest release 12. Beside the GSM/UMTS bearer the test cases can now be processed officially also through an LTE carrier. The validation is based on the GCF Work Item GCF WI-221, “Voice over LTE (VoLTE) Quality and these test cases are now mandatory for devices, which support release 12 and wideband. The UMTS wideband tests for Handheld handsfree (GCF WI-196) are validated as well as all other test cases (GCF WI-157) which are mandatory and necessary with the new requirements of release 12. “The validations round up the audio testing services CETECOM is offering”, Wilfried Klassmann, CEO of CETECOM, mentions. “Because of these validations, CETECOM is the sole laboratory globally which offers the full scope of audio testing for mobile devices.”