Test situation in an accredited CETECOM laboratory

The efficient solution for all challenges of the approval management

We have made it our task to accompany every single project along its individual process chain, to understand the needs of our customers and to develop optimal solutions together with them in order to bring them to their goal without detours.

We adapt and are always exactly the partner our customers need. The experienced and uncomplicated testing and certification of products with wireless technologies in our laboratories is as much a part of our daily business as the development of international Approval concepts for innovative new products. Because we are convinced that every project has its own requirements – and that each of them has our full attention and deserves our commitment. For secure and predictable market access worldwide.

Every service a perfect fit

Process diagram of the possible workflows of a project when working with CETECOM

Customized service

From consulting during development, to testing services in our DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited test laboratories, to international market approvals with final certificate management. All tailor-made services are supported by transparent and digital processes, that accelerate and simplify the global market access of your products.

Your one-stop partner for international product certifications

  • Specific requirement analyses
  • Compliance evaluations
  • Translations
  • Approval planning and management
  • Preparation and submission of applications
  • Checking and coordination of scheduling
  • Local technical support
  • Instructions for necessary on-site testing

Product approvals for over 200 countries and approval regimes

With our professional certification services we simplify your conformity process.

Versatile setup

CETECOM has always stood for cross-sector competence in the field of testing and certification of radio and telecommunication components. Companies from a wide range of industries rely on our experience and our commitment. Whether automotive, medical technology, mechanical engineering, consumer Electronics or telecommunications - you can rely on our service competence in all fields of innovation and industries.

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CETECOM CERT – The approval management software

CETECOM CERT is your guarantee for effective project management: Our innovative software tool for digital certificate management and monitoring simplifies your processes and gives you a transparent view of all your ongoing certification projects at CETECOM at any time.

Screenshot: Overview of the worldwide approval status
Screenshot: Tabular breakdown of market access requirements in each country

Digital project management – comprehensive and transparent

CETECOM CERT provides you with continuous insight into the current status of your approval project and optimizes coordination throughout the approval process.

  • 2-way communication for an efficient exchange of information about the projects
  • Overview of project milestones on country level
  • Transparent information on the remaining steps to be completed, including an automated notification system
  • Detailed reporting function including download option

Digital certificate management – clear and secure

With CETECOM CERT you always have the status quo of your approved products in view with the help of a simple traffic light system and are automatically notified if there is an acute need for action.

  • Which active certificates do I currently have?
  • Is there an acute need for action because a certificate will expire within the next few months (keyword: renewal)?
  • Automated notifications allow you to renew your certificates in a timely manner.

Every service a perfect fit. We support you individually on your way to an global market access.


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