PTCRB Certification

PTCRB certification is nowadays a prerequisite for wireless devices to sell in the North American market. PTCRB approval ensures compliance with the technical specifications as defined in the NAPRD (North American Program Reference Document) regulatory and network operator requirements.

The scope of testing varies depending on a device’s features and integrated technologies, as well as whether the module is pre-certified. If you are not familiar with PTCRB certification, it is recommended to contact a PTCRB accredited test lab early on to understand all requirements specific to your device. CETECOM operates PTCRB accredited facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, offering the full line of PTCRB certification test services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Over-the-Air Performance (TRP & TIS Measurements)

  • SAR testing for integration devices utilized within 20 cm of the human body

  • FCC testing and approval