CETECOM verifies the IT security of your connected devices.

Connected devices (also Internet-of-Things - IOT) are based on sensor/actuator technology, back-end connections and optionally also gateways and smartphone APPs. Various wireless technologies are used:

  1. Bluetooth, Zigbee, WLAN and similar technologies to connect the networked device to the smartphone or gateway.
  2. A (mostly) cellular mobile connection to connect the device to the backend.

An attacker has three potential main targets to gain access to a networked device:

  1. The device itself
  2. The network
  3. The infrastructure (app, cloud)

Accordingly, IT security must be adequately ensured, depending on the application. This includes a secure application, robust design, trustworthy handling of private data, the update/upgrade behavior of firmware and software as well as the security against attacks on the data validity and authenticity of the communication partners.

CETECOM Services

  • Threat assessment
  • Risk analysis
  • Code and architecture review
  • Advice on requirements and mechanisms for the production of IT security
  • Vulnerability analysis and penetration testing

    • API
    • Communication links
    • Data Management
    • App
    • Device

  • Ensuring safety in the device's life cycle
  • Creation of test reports and recommendations