Whether it concerns Infotainment, Telematics, Sensor technology, eCall or ITS systems, CETECOM can help achieve compliance including development support and interoperability testing.


Car2x is the exchange of information between traffic participants and the infrastructure. Testing requires a comprehensive assessment of the individual communication components as well as the communication transfer between vehicle subsystems among themselves and with the infrastructure components. CETECOM‘s test scope comprises:

  •  Protocol Conformance Tests following ETSI ITS G5 (IEEE802.11p - Wave Standard)
  • EMC Testing for on-board units and roadside units*
  • Environmental Simulation for on-board units and roadside units*
  • Software Security Robustness (TestsFuzz testing)

*in accordance with the regulatory requirements and norms set by the Automotive Industry


CETECOM is a MirrorLink® authorized test laboratory. MirrorLink® uses Virtual Network Computing (VNC™) to duplicate the smartphone display on the car infotainment system display. The MirrorLink® standard has been introduced by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), stipulating the use of approved devices and applications while certification must be performed in a authorized test laboratory. CETECOM‘s service package comprises:

  • Consulting Device Testing, Base Application Testing, Drive (EU) Application Testing.
  • Certification Testing Device Certification Testing, MirrorLink® Client (Head unit / car infotainment system), MirrorLink® Server (Smartphone), Base Application Certification Testing, Drive (EU) Application Certification Testing.




The Europan eCall accident emergency system will become mandatory for all new models of passenger cars or light commercial vehicles starting in the beginning of 2018. CETECOM helps to achieve compliance:

  • Consulting eCall Pre-Testing, Antenna development.
  • Testing GCF Protocoll eCall Testing, MSD Testing, IVS Modem Testing, End to End Testing, Acoustic Testing, Robustness Testing.


The Russion ERA-GLONASS accident emergency system is mandatory for all new passenger cars or light commercial vehicles starting from 2015. The Russian ERA-GLONASS system and the European eCall system are compatible to each other by using the same 112 emergency number. CETECOM‘s service pacakge comprises:

  • Consulting ERA-GLONASS Pre-Testing, Antenna development
  • Testing MSD Testing, IVS Modem Testing, End to End Testing, GNSS Testing, Acoustic Testing, Environmental Testing, Robustness Testing.


CETECOM helps guarantee a seamless integration of the Smartphone into the vehicle. To ensure a faultles functioning of the application, the Bluetooth link and the mirrored connection to access the Smartphone via the car‘s dashboard CETECOM offers following test services:

  • Application Testing, Software Security Robustness Tests, Bluetooth Testing, Regulatory Testing.