PTCRB Overview

PTCRB certification – no GSM/W-CDMA device can be sold to the North American market without it. This is due to the fact that the major North American operators will not accept a device onto their network if it is not PTCRB certified.

Created by the PCS Type Certification Review Board, PTCRB certification ensures GSM/WCDMA devices are compliant with the technical specifications as defined in the NAPRD (North American Program Reference Document), regulatory and network operator requirements. A PTCRB certified device gives operators confidence it will not harm their network. 

PTCRB Certified Modules & Integrations

The scope of testing for PTCRB certification varies depending on a device’s features and integrated technologies.  When integrating a module into an end-product, it is important the module already be pre-certified. A pre-certified module will allow your device to bypass a good portion of testing since these tests have already been performed on the module.
If you are not familiar with PTCRB certification, it is recommended to contact a PTCRB accredited test lab, such as CETECOM, early on to understand all requirements specific to your device. The PTCRB certification process is also available here for your reference.

CETECOM and PTCRB Certification

CETECOM operates PTCRB accredited facilities in Europe, North America and Asia. 
We offer the full line of PTCRB certification test services at your convenience. This includes but is not limited to:

To assist you through the PTCRB certification process, you will be assigned a project manager who will oversee all aspects of testing your device. Our project managers are knowledgeable with all PTCRB certification requirements.

Assisting You Through the Certification Process

The time it takes to test and have your device certified is essential. Time crunches offer no room to encounter delays due to problems or failures during official testing. Be a forward thinker – CETECOM’s pretesting services gives you the opportunity to spot problems ahead of time. Contact your local CETECOM representative for more information.

PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board): has been created by worldwide operators to establish a third party ertification, which will give confidence to the operator that the certified device meets a minimum set of  equirement established by the members. Devices which are not PTCRB certified may not be able to obtain service when
roaming onto a PTCRB operators’ network.


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