Bluetooth SIG Certification

In addition to the regulatory approvals for Bluetooth products, approval is also required according to the requirements of the Bluetooth SIG for market introduction:

  • Any device that wants to use the Bluetooth technology and the Bluetooth logo must be tested according to the "Bluetooth SIG Qualification Program"

  • Only when these tests have been completed, the manufacturer is officially authorized to use the Bluetooth technology and the associated Bluetooth Trademark mark, which is a quality seal for the compatibility of Bluetooth devices worldwide

The CETECOM facilities in Europe and USA are accredited Bluetooth Qualification Test Facilities (BQTF) with recognized Bluetooth Qualification Experts (BQE), offering a comprehensive range of testing services. 


A device incorporating Bluetooth® wireless technology must undergo testing according to the Bluetooth® SIG Qualification Program in order to classify as a licensed product with the Bluetooth trademark. Although a self qualification process is allowed, the support of a BQE eliminates errors in qualification and products are exempt from the Bluetooth SIG‘s manadatory audit. 

  • As BQTF CETECOM’s full scope of Bluetooth® Qualification services include:

  • RF / RF-PHY Conformance Testing for BT Core 2.0-4.2

  • Protocol/Profile Conformance Testing using - the BITE® Protocol/Profile TesterBB, LM, L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM - GAP, SPP

  • Profile Interoperability Testing using... - The Bluetoothi® SIG’s PTS (Profile Tuning Suite) Test System - CETECOM’s Bluetooth® product library for Extended Interoperability Testing